Stories about the Land and the Refinery

The land around Nayaano-nibiimaang Gichigamiin (the Five Great Lakes) has endured pollution from oil extraction longer than any other place on earth. 

The stories that make up Chemical Valley and Imperial Oil help us to understand the changes we need to make for our future. 

This website shares ongoing research, archival documents, environmental data, and community knowledge about the relationship between the refinery and the land. 

This project is ongoing, and we will continue to add stories.

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Pollution Reporter App

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The Pollution Reporter Mobile App Version 2.0 is now available 

The Pollution Reporter App helps to:

  · Connect polluters to pollution data to known health harms and symptoms as based on peer-reviewed medical research in Ontario's Chemical Valley.  

  · Make it easier to report spills, leaks, flares and other pollution events for Aamjiwnaang community members and people living in Chemical Valley.  Reports go to the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

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